Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i think i need to shave

the other day at work
we were having a little fun
thanks to our great urban decay make-up artist

tell me about some great times you have had at work

happy mustaches and good times at work xoxoxo

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

this is how a city girl holds her GUN....

one of hubbys dream have been to teach the boys to shoot......
yes we are talking real GUN
me i love going up north to the rock corey and letting it rip

the boys were so excited
hubby did a training about how gun safety
they were so into what he was talking about you would have
thought that he was king of Mario cart

then it was time to shoot
little bit went first 
hubby helped hold the gun and the kids got to 
pull the trigger
little bit did a good job for his first time shooting

muff did ok
hubby had to work with him a little more
he did not understand how to shoot with one eye closed
he said he likes to see

we had so much fun and hubby was in his glory teaching his 
"boys" how to shoot
as for me

i dont need any help
i get my little guy out and shoot shoot shoot
i love it
but this is how a city girl hold her gun

gun in one pocket and blinged out phone
in the other :) thats the way this kid rolls hahaha

happy guns and bling....

Monday, August 1, 2011

The TO-DO list

So sometimes I feel like my life is spinning around me and I'm so sleepy that I cant keep up
sometimes its so bad that i feel like i'm going crazy

but all i want to do is go to bed and sleep

So today when I was on facebook one of blogs i love to read is she was talking about how she loves to write down a to do list every sunday night
she was saying how she loves to cross things off her list
SISTER i'm right there with you
I love writing to do list most of the time they just sit on the table and in about a week when
i'm cleaning i look at it again and say to myself "stupid erin this was the list you had to do"
then i throw it a way
well today i sat down and made out a new list

not a crazy list but things that need to get done
i also made more then one copy because i'm going to do more then just
keep it on the table i'm going to hang one in the bathroom
in my closet, and in my craft area so then its in my face
my goal for this week is to work on my list and get things crossed off
wish me luck and if everything goes well i will have a new list next week

whats you goal for this week?????