Thursday, June 27, 2013

We are up and running

I'm excited to say that back in December we moved into a house!!!!!! Now I know you are thinking Erin did you forget what month it is??? Its June!!!! Yes I know but it has taken this long to make the house really feel like a home

I have been Junking and repurposing cool finds for months now and I'm so in love with my new place. I'm so excited to show you my before and after photos of our cute little house.

A little back story on it. We are living a in a cute little tri level. The funny thing about the house is that I use to babysit the kids that lived here at one time.....That kind of sounds like a horror story behind it but not. Just great friends and a great opportunity for the hubby and I...We still need to do a few things like get the garage cleaned out, the bathroom pained and the boys a bunk bed but that is the fun of moving.

I hope you enjoy the photos

Living Room Before                              Living Room after 

Kitchen Before


hubby and I bedroom before            Bedroom after


I hope this makes you wanted to go junking and have fun with it :) 

happy junking xoxoxox

Friday, March 8, 2013

Glade Expressions

I have been working with bzz agent. I get to try now product and tell you all about it. 

One of the products that I have been able to try is the new Glade Expressions...

I love this....My hubby cant really handle hard smells it makes him sick so I was a little worried to bring this home. After I picked it up at Walmart I set mine up. It looks really nice and the smell is great. 

The Hubby got home and was like whats that smell it smells so good...Score now I have a air freshener that I can have in the house that the hubby likes and it does not bug him...Again best part it does not look like a normal air freshener. 

 Here is a pic of my Glade Expression in my home how cute is that????

This is a great product and You all need to try this...Like I said I #Gotitfree with bzz agent but you can pick this up at Walmart 

Till Next time...Happy smelling homes 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Being Creative

Well It has been about 3 months that we have been living in our new house and I have been making things like crazy...I love Decorating a house so much...Being Creative anyway brings me so much joy...So here are just a few pics of some of the cool find I have from over the years that I now can display or items I have made :) 

This is my Coffee Table in the living Room...I found this at the shop in Michigan...I still need to stain it a gray color :) 
I love it I wanted something different for my table and when I saw this and it was only $28.00 It had to come home with me 
 Being the Makeup Guru that I am When we moved into this house and we had a extra room we all know it was going to be mine.....Makeup and crafting 101 goes on here...And with a makeup/crafting room at girl needs lots of glitter. I made this light cover with the cover that was on the wall some glitter and...well I cant tell all my secrets ;) 

 This is my version on a kitchen curtain.....I wanted something very different  My hubby found the windows when he was on a job one day. We have had them in storage for a long time now. When I was unpacking I found them and know that this was what I was going todo with them. The wood was a dark brown but I wanted white 1. because it makes the color glass stand out more and 2. the white looks better with my mustered yellow wall. I love how in the am the sun just shows off the colors in the class so well. 

With moving the Hubby and I have made a promise not to eat out all the time and Not being a cook and working crazy hours all the time I needed something that I could put on the wall and know what I had to 1. pull out of the freezer or 2. stop at the store and pick up. I made our menu out of an old window some spray paint and chalk board paint. I love it and it makes making meals so much easier :) 

I'm still working on getting our new home 100% if you would like to see more of our new house please let me know. I would also love to hear of all the cool thing you do in your home...

Till Next time happy DIYing