Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm being whimsically

So I set goals for the month of April one of them was to learn something new and the other was to do some paintings. So I have this blog that I love to read
Farmgirl Paints

its called Farmgirl Paints. The thing I love is the art work that Becky dose. She is a great whimsical painter and I wanted to learn how to paint like that.

So I did a little research and I have been thinking about what to do with the bathroom. I think I wanted to do a beach theme. I know everyone thinks that for your bathroom but I waned to take vintage and whimsical and mix them together. So here is my painting that I did for my soon to be new bathroom...

So tell me what you think about my first stab at painting whimsical.

Till Next Time

Monday, April 19, 2010

And were moving on UP

So I have said this before but I have THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD. About 4 & 1/2 years ago Hubby did not have a job because he got laid off and we were living with my mom and dad. Them my hubby got a job in Sun City South Carolina. So we did the big moved and that is when we came to live in Savannah, GA. With Hubby's new job he learned how to be a finish carpenter and he is so good at it.....The sad thing is that the no one wanted to buy house's, so the company he was working for went under. now he is not able to do the things that he is so good at. If feel so bad for him
I just love to watch Hubby play with his Toys...He is in pure joy when he gets to work with his Tools

With hubby lost that job he went to work for a different company but it hurt us really bad and that brought us back to Michigan and now living with mom and dad again. We have been staying in the bedroom down stars but now my Grandpa is coming in May so we are moving on Up......

This is are soon be to be Old(this is were we lived the first time)but new Room.
The best part about us moving up is that Hubby gets to pull out his tools or what I like to call his TOYS and do what he loves to do. Hubby is re-doing the bathroom...
Here is a picture of it
all gutted out...Oh this is what it still looks like lol

Hubby is also building a wall so we can have a door. Before there was no door and you could be sitting on the potty and everyone just walks in on you. So this is the framing of the soon to come door :)Oh and Hubby in the background

Well I'm hoping to get moved on UP sooner then later. I will keep you up dated on the makeover.....

Till Next Time.....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Favorite thing

So Yesterday I had a OK day at work...My new job has been hard to get into. I was off of work for so long because of my back that going back to work has been a killer and my boss well I don't want to say anything bad about people on here. Anyways yesterday at work I was letting the UPS guy in the back door and I hit my nail just right to make it chip :( I was so sad.

Well at my job we can not have chipped nail polish so when I got home I pulled out the good old bucket of nail polish and started looking for a color or maybe 2 to use to paint my nails. As I was sitting in the bathroom I started thinking about how much I love to paint my nails. I know it sounds funny but it is one of my favorite things to do. Maybe its just the girl in me...

I have to give it up to this great product called Nail Tek

I always have broken, splitting nails but when I use Nail Tek it makes my nails super strong. The best part is that they grow...

I also love to mix colors and do funky things on my nails. I change them so much that if I don't like what I've done I just take it off the next day. So yesterday I mixed Orange(my fave color) with Hot pick and this was the out come of my nail work for the day

What can I say I'm super girly and painting my nails just makes my day a little better.

Till Next Time.....

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Last Song

The Last Song

So after my back surgery I read the book The Last Song by Nickolas Sparks....What a great book. Its a tear jerkier but its great. So I was so happy when I saw that thay were making a movie out of it and even happier when I saw that my fave Hannah Montana AKA Miley Cyrus was in it.

So the other week my mom and I went on a date and we went to see The Last Song. It was great but the best part was that It was filmed on Tybee Island. Tybee is just out side of Savannah. If you live in Savannah and you want to go to the beach you go to Tybee. And if you read my blog you know that I use to live in Savannah, GA and I think its one of the best places in the US.

One of the best part(it made me cry) was when they went to the boys house. The reason why it made me cry was because his house was on Wormsloe Plantation
one of Savannah's first Plantation and one of my fave things in Savannah. Here is a Picture I took when we lived there

This is the entry way into the now state park

I also took this Picture when we were there it is the drive way and in the movie it is where they have the party after the wedding.

I Can keep going forever about how great the movie and Savannah are. And by looking at the Pictures and when you watch the movie you can see why I think its such a great place. If you have not seen The Last Song you should go and see it this weekend but make sure you take a hankie with you because you will need it.

Till Next Time....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Smoothie Night

As many of you know I'm a youth pastor at a small church in Ortonville, MI. Once a month I love doing theme night for youth group. This is a time to get to talk to the kids, hang and just see whats going on in their lives. Its one of my favorite times.

But this Wednesday was extra funny. It was smoothie night. The kids had to bring fruit, Yogurt, milk, some came with ice cream.

Well with the first set of smoothies, the bottom of the blender we were using came off. All of the stuff went all over the counter....it was really funny, Here is a picture of me lifting the blender up and a spoon falling out of the bottom

The kids really got a kick out of making smoothies.... At first they were not great but after many trys they turned out really good

I think the kids really like theme food night also. I just feel so blessed to have such a great group of kids. They are so different in so many way and they bring so much joy to my life

Thank you Jesus for calling me into Youth Ministry.....

Till Next Time....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Hit the Big 3.0.

Well 10 days ago I turned the big 30

My birthday weekend was so crazy. First it was Easter and second I was as
Sick as a girl could be and third I had to work. With my dad being a pastor
Easter is one of those Sundays he can not skip, so my mom and dad were up
north for my birthday, and my dear sweet hubby tried to make it the best
30Th birthday a girl could want. He made me dinner, it was all ready when
I came home from work. We had tacos and asparagus my two fave foods. The sad
thing was that I could not love it because I had the flu so bad. But the best
Part was the gift he gave me, I wanted 3 things for my birthday 1. A surprise
party 2. My best friend Candy to be here for my 30Th birthday and 3. a Wii

Well I was so happy when I opened my gift and it was a

So Hubby and I played like 2 games and I had to go to bed because I had to
go to work the next day and I was still so sick

So 10 days later my mom, dad, brother and hubby all went to Olive Garden
for my Birthday. We had such a nice time

It was nice to have everyone together again. With how everyone works
such different hours its hard to get all of use together. But I love when
we all can talk about whats going on in our life's, laugh, eat great food

And just thank God for all of the blessings he gives us. I really miss
great family time. So I wander where I will pick to eat next year for my

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here comes the Waterford Chainsaw Massacre

SO the other day when I came home from work I found A
really Big tree branch in the back yard. I was so happy That
it did not fall on the house because that would have Been a really
bad thing. So Sunday after church Hubby pulled Out his Chainsaws
and that is when the CHAINSAW MASSACRE WAS BORN

I loved cutting down the tree branch it was so much
fun Hubby told me how to hold it and how to cut the tree.
You Always have to cut away from your self(safety first)

I do have to say that it made my hands feel
funny from the Vibrating from the saw and my back
killed me for a week but It was a great day with the hubby.

Till Next Time......