Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Smoothie Night

As many of you know I'm a youth pastor at a small church in Ortonville, MI. Once a month I love doing theme night for youth group. This is a time to get to talk to the kids, hang and just see whats going on in their lives. Its one of my favorite times.

But this Wednesday was extra funny. It was smoothie night. The kids had to bring fruit, Yogurt, milk, some came with ice cream.

Well with the first set of smoothies, the bottom of the blender we were using came off. All of the stuff went all over the was really funny, Here is a picture of me lifting the blender up and a spoon falling out of the bottom

The kids really got a kick out of making smoothies.... At first they were not great but after many trys they turned out really good

I think the kids really like theme food night also. I just feel so blessed to have such a great group of kids. They are so different in so many way and they bring so much joy to my life

Thank you Jesus for calling me into Youth Ministry.....

Till Next Time....

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