Friday, April 16, 2010

The Last Song

The Last Song

So after my back surgery I read the book The Last Song by Nickolas Sparks....What a great book. Its a tear jerkier but its great. So I was so happy when I saw that thay were making a movie out of it and even happier when I saw that my fave Hannah Montana AKA Miley Cyrus was in it.

So the other week my mom and I went on a date and we went to see The Last Song. It was great but the best part was that It was filmed on Tybee Island. Tybee is just out side of Savannah. If you live in Savannah and you want to go to the beach you go to Tybee. And if you read my blog you know that I use to live in Savannah, GA and I think its one of the best places in the US.

One of the best part(it made me cry) was when they went to the boys house. The reason why it made me cry was because his house was on Wormsloe Plantation
one of Savannah's first Plantation and one of my fave things in Savannah. Here is a Picture I took when we lived there

This is the entry way into the now state park

I also took this Picture when we were there it is the drive way and in the movie it is where they have the party after the wedding.

I Can keep going forever about how great the movie and Savannah are. And by looking at the Pictures and when you watch the movie you can see why I think its such a great place. If you have not seen The Last Song you should go and see it this weekend but make sure you take a hankie with you because you will need it.

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