Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy 100th post.....

Today make me talking about something for the 100th Time....Thank you for everyone that has been reading my blog for the almost year...Here's to 100 more blog post

In the light of it being my 100th post I'm going to tell you about something that I love oh so much.....


Now I know I have talked about it before but I get asked all the time about my nails...No they are not fake I hate fake nails(on me). I don't get manicures and yes I do my own nails....

But what I would like to tell you about is the only nail polish brand I have been using for like the last 4 months its called Sinful Colors....

IT IS THE BEST NAIL POLISH IN THE WORLD.......and I have used a ton of brands from wet n wild to O.P.I. and Sinful Colors is the best.......

It goes on in one to two cotes even the fluorescent colors. I can ware it for about 2 weeks before it starts to chip. With my job that is a good thing and its on $1.99......$1.99 I have paid up to 15.00 before and with in a day the nail polish starts to chip off.

I wanted to find out more about this great new product that I have found so I went to and this is what I found...This is from their website

"Chris Chon founded MIRAGE COSMETICS, Inc in 1991 and introduced the Sinful Colors nail enamel line with 40 colors to professional beauty stores in the Mid-Atlantic region. Since that time, Mirage has created over 300 colors of nail enamel and continuously added new colors to the market. In 1996, Sinful became available in large retail chains throughout the United States. Today, Mirage ships to over 15,000 doors in the continental U.S. and abroad, meeting the diverse beauty needs of women all over the world
Sinful Colors offers quality products at an affordable price. The variety of colors and products has caught the attention of the national media, appearing regularly in Glamour, Seventeen, and other national magazines. Our company prides itself in providing the highest quality product at the most competitive price.
In the new millennium, MIRAGE COSMETICS will continue to expand by introducing trend-setting colors and products. Sinful Colors' products and information is available through the Internet and will be accessible to corporate databases"

 I have 17 colors and I love all of them ....Here are the colors I have:

809 vacation time, 923 queen of beauty, 860 mercury rising

926 hd nails, 5106 lang lang, 832 this is it

5113 dawn, 839 sugar sugar, 5115 stormy

813 whats your name, 814 forget now, 871 pink

824 out of this world, 921 all about you, 5100 fried rice, 52 neon melon
Here are the locations that you can find this great nail polish at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target(select stores), Duane Reade, Bartells, Discount Drug Mart, Kinney Drug, Navarro, Albertsons (select Stores)
I always get mine at Walgreens or Rite Aid and a lot of times they have it on sale.

So the next time you see me know that my nail polish is from Sinful Colors because it is my new love in my cosmetics world

Till Next Time.....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

face scrub

Ok so last night i was playing around on youtube and found this great video person named kandee. she is a make-up artist in LA she does make-up for all kinds of people and also for all kinds of movies. she was doing a video on a home face scrub. all it is, is lemoned juice and sugar.....THAT'S it

so today when i got up i was looking at my face and i wanted to see if the lemoned juice and sugar scrub would give me a great glow.....

Hello naked face....Yes this is what I look like when i get up in the morning (scary)..... you want to start with naked face. with warm water splash you face, make sure you get it really wet.

after your face is wet you are going to want to get your lemoned or lemoned juice.

I did not have lemonade's in my house so i used realemon all natural lemoned juice.

next you need your sugar. you can use regular sugar or brown sugar

then you put both the lemoned juice and the sugar on your cotton pad. you will want to use cotton pads they don't hold bacterias like other things can.

this is what your cotton pad will look like when you get all the good stuff on it. when your cotton pad is ready start want to get your skin nice and sticky. if you have cuts on your face the lemoned juice might sting a little.

the best part about this scrub is if it gets in your month it taste like lemonade lol. after you are all scrubbed up use warm water to wash all the sugar off and pat dry

this is what my pad looked like after using it....nasty you cant see it here but it was all brown and nasty. when you do a scrub and it comes out all brown and nasty that is when you know it worked

my face feels so clean and super soft i'm going to start doing this ones a week...

Till Next Time.....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dinner With Mom and Dad

So this past week my dad had a bad week at work so my mom wanted all of us (her, dad, Jason, Hubby and I) to go to Frankenmuth for dinner to help dad feel better. Frankenmuth is one of our favorite places to go for dinner as a family its about $20.00 a person so its a place we go to about once a year.

Today Jason could not make it because he had to work so it was just Mom, Dad, Hubby and I. we all hoped in the car and drove to Frankenmuth. Now if you have never been to Michigan Frankenmuth is a little German town. They make lots of German food and have some really cute shops.

Today we ate at Zehnder's it was so GOOD....all you can eat Chicken, Noodles, Roast Beef, Shrimp and Desserts....The best parts are the Desserts. This is the first time I can remember going to Zehnder's most of the time we go to Bavarian Inn but I would have to say that Zhender's is now my fav....

When we got there we had about a 10 min line so I walked around and looked at the shops and paintings on the walls

And then i found this fan.....It was so cool i had to take a pic of it and i also told hubby that it would be the only pet that could live in our house lol

Then it was our turn to eat. I was so happy because I had not eaten anything all day and everything smelled so good....

All of the Food looked great. I wanted to eat everything.


 It was such a great time with my parents. Because of the crazy hours I have been working at Forever21 I don't get to have dinner with Hubby, Mom and Dad a lot so it was a nice treat.....

Oh and did I tell you I tried Chicken Liver Pattie for the first time

It was not to bad...I liked it my mom thought I was crazy but hay I use to eat dog bones whats a little chicken liver....

Oh and as you can see my mom was loving on her chicken also

It was such a fun night. If you are ever in the Area stop at Zhender for the family Chicken Dinner I'm telling you it is great.....

Oh and get the coffee it was so good and you get to drink it out of tea cups...(I love tea cups)

Till Next Time.....