Tuesday, November 16, 2010

face scrub

Ok so last night i was playing around on youtube and found this great video person named kandee. she is a make-up artist in LA she does make-up for all kinds of people and also for all kinds of movies. she was doing a video on a home face scrub. all it is, is lemoned juice and sugar.....THAT'S it

so today when i got up i was looking at my face and i wanted to see if the lemoned juice and sugar scrub would give me a great glow.....

Hello naked face....Yes this is what I look like when i get up in the morning (scary)..... you want to start with naked face. with warm water splash you face, make sure you get it really wet.

after your face is wet you are going to want to get your lemoned or lemoned juice.

I did not have lemonade's in my house so i used realemon all natural lemoned juice.

next you need your sugar. you can use regular sugar or brown sugar

then you put both the lemoned juice and the sugar on your cotton pad. you will want to use cotton pads they don't hold bacterias like other things can.

this is what your cotton pad will look like when you get all the good stuff on it. when your cotton pad is ready start scrubbing....you want to get your skin nice and sticky. if you have cuts on your face the lemoned juice might sting a little.

the best part about this scrub is if it gets in your month it taste like lemonade lol. after you are all scrubbed up use warm water to wash all the sugar off and pat dry

this is what my pad looked like after using it....nasty you cant see it here but it was all brown and nasty. when you do a scrub and it comes out all brown and nasty that is when you know it worked

my face feels so clean and super soft i'm going to start doing this ones a week...

Till Next Time.....

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sese said...

hi! are u still doing this?? is it really work? i mean your skin actually gets better?? i just curios..