Saturday, April 17, 2010

Favorite thing

So Yesterday I had a OK day at work...My new job has been hard to get into. I was off of work for so long because of my back that going back to work has been a killer and my boss well I don't want to say anything bad about people on here. Anyways yesterday at work I was letting the UPS guy in the back door and I hit my nail just right to make it chip :( I was so sad.

Well at my job we can not have chipped nail polish so when I got home I pulled out the good old bucket of nail polish and started looking for a color or maybe 2 to use to paint my nails. As I was sitting in the bathroom I started thinking about how much I love to paint my nails. I know it sounds funny but it is one of my favorite things to do. Maybe its just the girl in me...

I have to give it up to this great product called Nail Tek

I always have broken, splitting nails but when I use Nail Tek it makes my nails super strong. The best part is that they grow...

I also love to mix colors and do funky things on my nails. I change them so much that if I don't like what I've done I just take it off the next day. So yesterday I mixed Orange(my fave color) with Hot pick and this was the out come of my nail work for the day

What can I say I'm super girly and painting my nails just makes my day a little better.

Till Next Time.....

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