Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The last day of March

So I have to say that I have been having a really hard time since I had back surgery. I don't have any motivation. I can make of list of things that I wanted to do or start but still have not done. I really just feel like my life is out of control.

This is the Room I come home to everyday....

I know right.....The sad thing is I clean all the time/well maybe not all the time. But this is what happens when you move from living in a 3 bedroom house to a bedroom.

I just feel like there are gray clouds over my head....

I know that only I can make the change. I need to get control of my life again. I need to get strong again and motivated and artistic again....

So I was reading another blog and every month she writes a month to do list and at the end of bolds what she did so she can look back and see what she is getting done. So that is what I'm going to do...

I'm going to open the windows and let the light back into my life.

To do list to have done by May 1st
1. Get in the Gym
2. Set up time to meet with the personal trainer
3. Get moved up stares and organized
4. Paint 3 paintings
5. Learn something new
6. Get my oil changed
7. Pay off one BIG bill
8. Get my Youth Group Room Set up and Organized
9. Blog 3-5 days a week
10. Read a Book

Please pray that God will get me out of my bed and back to my life. That he will keep me on the road that he has made for me and that my body will heal and get better soon.

Till Next Time.......

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