Saturday, March 13, 2010


Now that I'm a former Target employee... I love the store again and I'm super excited to go shop and see all that is new.

I have been super excited for the new Liberty of London for Target line. If you don't know who Liberty of London is, Liberty of London was founded by Arthur Liberty in 1875. Mr. Liberty traveled the world looking for things that would inspire him and he also took out a $2,000 loan from his soon to be father in law to open his first store. Liberty of London is knows for their great floral prints and Pattern designs and they are a true love of London...(The above Necklace is from the UK. Liberty of London Collection $175.00)

That is why I'm so excited to get this great line at Target...For one thing the only way to see this great company is to take a trip across the big pond to London and see it first hand or to shop online..And even if you do this you will be paying TOP designer prices....But because this is a Target Line you get the great vision of Arthur Liberty but for a price that will not kill the bank.

I was so so excited when I went to Target today and the Waterford Target(the one by my house) Had the line out to see... Now the real date to come out is Tomorrow March 14 2010.
My mom and I Walked the store I had to touch everything because I loved just about everything...

So here is my list of things I love the most....Liberty of London is a must check out
1. the Accessories..I loved the Black and white purse with the Hot pink zipper it is super cute and its only $10.00 super great price here is a pic of it below

2. The Home Crates...I loved all the Patterns but I'm a lover of black, white, and hot pink. The pic below is one of the crates. They come in Small and large and also have ones that come with lids. This is one of the other flower prints that you can find(Small and the one with lids are $15.00 the Large is $20.00)
3. All of the Clothing is great. Check out the summer dress's, the sleep ware, the rain boots, Flip Flops, the Men’s and kids line. Some of the men's is a little out there (the men in my house would never ware it) I did not love the men’s line but for all the men in the world that are crazy for flower prints this is the line for you. This is one of my fav kid outfits..Man I wish I had a girl she would have all of it...
(this is $15.00)
4.Next stop over to the home stuff. ALL of the dish ware, teapots, platters, photo Frames, lamps and bedding are great. Here are a few pics of the ones that I liked the best with their prices
(Jar is $20.00)
(tea mug is $6.00)
(teapot is $20.00)
(the Photo Frame is $8.00)
5. Head over to the Garden Area...Your Garden will be in High style with the gloves, Flower pots, Watering cans, Leaf bag, and Garden tools. Out of Garden stuff I loved the Garden Bag. Super cute I would use it for a laundry basket. Sorry I don't have a Pic of this but here is a pic of the watering can that I also loved.
(watering can is $30.00)
6. Last spot to stop is the office stuff....Ok anything you need for your office Liberty of London has it for you. From folders, clip boards, pen holders and much more. So not only can you have this great line at your home you can have it at your office....What a great way to make your day happy. Here is a pic of what the note cards and note cube look like.
(The Note Cards are $8.00)
(the Note Cube is $10.00)

So if you are Lucky to live by the Waterford, MI Target stop by and see this great new line. Comment and let me know what you Favorites were. If not go to your Local Target tomorrow and see Liberty of London for your self....

Till Next Time.....

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