Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back In the Game

MY dear blog readers sorry you did not hear from me over the last week. I have been going throw something personal and I could not bring myself to blog about anything. The dark cloud is passing by and God has really been hugging me and helping me. I don't know where my life's road is going to go but I do know that God will never leave or forsake me and I have peace with things in my life right now.

WITH that said

I have to tell you about the Great concert I took my teens to the other week. Let me start by saying that I'm always looking for great, CHEAP concerts to take my teens to. My dear friend Stacy told me about the $10.00 tickets she found at CVS to see Chris Tomlin and Toby Mac.

WHEN I heard this I was so excited because when I was like 10 or 12 I was in love with the band DC Talk and Toby Mac was in it. I have always been a Toby Mac lover so I was all about going to the Concert. I was also excited because I know I could get kids to go because it was only $10.00.

SO We loaded up the Blimka van and headed to DTE for the concert. When we got there we had to sit on the lawn. That was fun, The kids had blankets and found their spot to watch the concert.

CHRIS Tomlin was Great. He did a lot of Praise and Worship and he put the words to all of the songs on the screen. It was great God was at DTE

AND then it was time for Toby Mac. Oh my goodness he was amazing. and the really cool part was that we were able to move off the grass and into the pavilion. Toby Mac was so great and he came into the crowd it was so cool.

HE sang all of my favorite songs and the best part was when Chris Tomlin and Toby Mac sang Jesus Freak together. I felt like I was 13 at the DC Talk concert again. The kids had a great time and they are ready to go to another concert.

Till Next Time......

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