Thursday, July 15, 2010


OK so one of the many things I wanted to do this summer was go kayaking. Over 4th of July I was all ready to go I had everything my 45 SPF chap stick, My 35 SPF sunscreen and even a under water camera.....but then I chickened out because I was scared that it was going to hurt my back. So that is when I went Jet Skiing.

WELL my hubby and I have been going throw some personal things and we are trying to work them out. So on Saturday he wanted to spend the day with me. I was thinking of things we could do and I found out that one of the County Parks by our house rents out Kayaks for only $2.00 every 1/2 hours......

I was so excited, I bit the bullet and did not tell Hubby where or what we were going or doing and I drove us to Groveland Oaks county park.

WHEN we got to the lake ( now the reason why I was OK with this was because if my back started hurting we could just get out I did not have to stay in it for 2 hours) It was beautiful. You had to cross over bridges and when on the water go under bridges. Lots of woods and Islands that you could go around it was so nice.

WE got our Kayak and we were off...... Now both Hubby and I have never done this before so we were a little rusty at first but when we got the hang of it I LOVED IT

WE just went around looking at all the wild life that was around us. As we were floating I was running my hands in the water(that was so warm it felt like bath water) and was in awe of the wonderful things that God has made and how I was able to be apart of this beautiful work that he dose.

ONE of the best parts is that I just put my feet up and made hubby do all of the work :-D

WE were on the water for a little over a hour the back was getting a little sore so we decided to call it a day. Groveland Oaks did us good with our first ever kayaking experience. We had such a good time and liked it so much we stopped at Dunams on the way home to price out kayaks (maybe one day buy one...It would be so much fun to take the boys out on one)

I have really found that I love the summer sports of life. I have never let myself like them and I'm so glad that I have let go and found my old self that loved being out side...(still not all the way back but working on it) I'm also so thankful that Hubby and I had a good day. We still have a LONG road to go and I don't know whats going to happen but that day was a good day.

Till Next Time......

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