Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 8 photo Challenge

Today is Day 8 of the photo Challenge :)

Day eight: a photo of your favorite band/musician

Christian music update: Addison Road review
I found this article about one of my Fav band Addison tells you a little about the band

 Addison Road is drummer Jeff Sutton, bassist Travis Lawrence, lead singer Jenny Simmons, guitarist Ryan Simmons and lead guitarist Ryan Gregg. Photo by Tec Petaja

INO Records.

Funny thing about bands that enjoy head-turning grassroots success before they ink deals with major labels: They usually turn out to be fairly regular folks, and not the kind of people who would impress record company executives as the next rock stars. Look at Hootie and the Blowfish, the Dave Matthews Band or, in the genre of which we currently speak, the David Crowder Band, Caedmon's Call and Casting Crowns. Not rock stars from central casting, but musicians who have an amiable stage presence and a way with a tune.

Addison Road fits right in with that m-o. The band formed in 2001 when Jenny and Ryan Simmons -- not married then, but married now -- got a gig before they even had a band. So, the then-Baylor students put together a group that has since morphed a bit over the years, dropped three indie releases and now has a major label debut on INO Records -- which brought you more unassuming stars in MercyMe. The self-titled album is a solid effort of pop rock that is at its best when it is speaking in the plainest terms. What Do I Know of Holy is a prime example, with Jenny singing about a relationship with God that often seems difficult, awkward and unreal. It's introspective writing from the Nichole Nordeman school. Casualties is a catchy and thought-provoking piece about people losing their personal and spiritual relationships to our go-go American culture. The current hit single, All That I Know, may a bit misleading giving folks the impression Addison Road is cut from the Krystal Meyers and Fireflight rocker-chic mold. But Ryan Gregg and Ryan Simmons Beatle-esque guitar flourishes hint at the greater picture, which is a real diversity of material for debut album.
Then again, these folks have been working on this record for a while.(

What is your Day 8 Photo???????

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debiachi said...

Jenny's my daughter and so needless to say they're my FAVORITE band! I'm glad you like them too.

Erin Marie Designs said...

That is SOOOOO cool....My Youth Group loves tham also...We are going to see them for the first time in March in Ann Arbor, MI we are so excited....Thanks for leaving me a comment