Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Madness With Martha

Welcome to Monday I know for most of you this is the worst day of the week but for me I love it and the reason why is because on Fabulously Erin Marie blog Mondays are all about Martha. As in another blog I talked about the book Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts. And this week its all about the letter

In Martha's Encyclopedia of crafts she gives us lots of crafts that start with the letter B
2.Block Printing
3.Botanical Pressing
4.Botanical Rubbings
5.Botanical Printing

So the one that I picked was Botanical Printing. The reason for this is because my dad gave me some flowers after I had surgery and I wanted something cool to remember the beautiful flowers he gave me.
Here is a Picture of the flowers my daddy got me, and I'm so happy that I found a way to save the flowers in a very cool way.... So lets get started

First from the words of Martha " Few things in nature are more effortlessly beautiful than the details of a fallen magnolia leaf, the regal outline of Queen Anne's lace, or the wispy image of a willow branch"

So the basic supplies for Leaf Prints are
1. sponge or paint brush
2. Paint the paint that I used is Basics

This is my set...I love Basics paint but use what paint you love to use.

3.Flattened Leaf

So to make a Leaf Print it is so easy and fun. If you have kids this would be a really fun thing for them to do with you also.

Step One: find out what you want to put your prints on and what leaf and/or flowers you would like to use.

Step Two: Paint your leaf or flower. Don't put to much paint on the leaf or flower because it will just look like a glob on your canvas. Then press down and life the leaf up slow so you don't smudge the print.

After you have put all the prints you want on your canvas your done.

This is my Leaf Print. I now have something to always remember the beautiful flowers my dad gave me after my back surgery.

Till New Time....

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