Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Weather out side is Frightful

With living in the very cold state of Michigan and with the love of making things that can go on your head and in your hair. I thought today would be a great day to show off the hats that I make. So Erin Marie Designs presents the Stella Hat.....

This hat is so cute and I will make it to whatever color you would like. But I also want to show you a little of how I make the Stella Hat.

First thing I do is pick super soft yarn. I also like to make sure that the yarn is thick so that your hat will be warm and fuzzy. Then you start on your hat on the loom like the photo shows

The reason why I call this hat the Stella Hat is because I love the flower and crystals that help the hat have that something extra. I think it gives it a very cute fun and funky look.

Then when the glue drys (I always use e6000 the best glue ever)...You are ready to hit the town in your new hat. This hat is so super cute that it needs a name like Stella....

Now your ears will be warm and your head will look great.

My Company that I want to get off the ground is called Erin Marie Designs. It is all about Hair...Not cuts but Accessories. I love making hair accessories, so what a great way to spend your life but doing what you love. I'm working on a web page but I don't have that up and running as of right now. I hope you had fun learning how I make the great Stella Hat..till next time

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