Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ice Festival

OK for all of the times that I talk about how much I hate living in the cold and snow. If you have never been to a ice festival or a ice storm you will never really know how cool and beautiful ice can be.

Well today I got this e-mail that is showing picture's of the Fairbanks Ice Festival in Fairbanks, Alaska. The picture's are so cool I just have to share them. If you have never played in snow I hope that one day you will take a trip North to see snow first hand it is really cool(at first).

I hope you find the picture's as cool as I did... Oh and remember that people make this stuff, thats what makes it even cooler....

Fairbanks Ice Festival,
Fairbanks , Alaska !

There are definitely some "Wows" in these shots !

Till Next Time....

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