Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cooks Farm Dairy

As you all know I have two jobs one is at Forever 21(the bill paying one) and I'm a Youth Pastor at my church. God has blessed me with great kids and I love spending Time with them.

Every first Wednesday of the month we do a hang out Wednesday night. This is one of my favorite nights because we just hang out spend time together and find out whats going on in eachothers world. Well this month we went to this very cute little farm called Cooks Farm Dairy(one of the best places to get homemade ice cream in Michigan). We had so much fun

The other best part is that you can pet the cows. I found that the cows loved me. Yes this is a cow licking my face. It was nasty but the kids got a kick out of it(the silly things you do when you are a youth pastor)

Here are some more really cute pictures from our trip to Cooks Farm Dairy I hope you enjoy them.

Man I love being a Youth Pastor

Till Next Time....

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