Friday, June 18, 2010

All You Can Eat Fish

This weekend I'm up North(that is Michigan lingo)with my dad....

If you don't know my dad is a pastor at a little church in Oscoda, MI. Just around the corner from Oscoda is a little town...When I say little I mean gas station, Church, Bar and 1 restaurant in the town.

But the Restaurant is the diamond in the ruff. The restaurant I'm talking about is Olivia's Bear Claw Grille

Olivia's is a little hole in the wall Restaurant that all the local love to come to....Everyone knows her that comes in and they all know that when they come everything is she would say "what can be homemade" They have a bear bar(or what us big town people would call a salad bar) everything on the bear bar is hand made

broccoli salad, coleslaw, bean salad, other salads and also the salad dressings.

Ms. Olivia is in at 7am to make all the salad's and pies for the day...and if Ms. Olivia is getting stressed out Patsy Cline starts to play on the CD player. The best part is that one of the waitresses messed up on a order and it was ok because everyone knows everyone and they figured that they would get it right on the next time around. As my dad I and were sitting there I was thinking how that could never happen at a restaurant down by where I live. You have to love small towns.

After a little time passed our fish was ready....I say that time pass because with each order Ms. Olivia hand batters and cooks to order and she is the only cook

I got the yellow belly Lake perch( don't judge by the picture I like to mix all my food)

My dad got the Cod

The Food was so good that I had to tell you about this great little place in Barton City, MI. If you are ever looking for a place to get the best fish in Michigan and then top it off with still warm homemade rhubarb pie stop at 1770 W. Trask LK. RD Barton City, mi Olivia's Bear Claw Grille is the place to go.... Tell them that you read my blog and just had to stop and check it out....And if you do make it out there please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Thank you Olivia and the very nice waitresses for the wonderful food and small town hospitality.....

Till Next Time...

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