Thursday, June 17, 2010

Essence of Life Photography

A long time ago when I was a dancer there was this really great family that also danced at my Studio. The Crain family(not all Crains now) became family from day one.

We would go on out of state and in state comps. Linda Crain(Now Linda Garcia) would make all of the costume for the dance studio.

After I left the world of teaching dance I lost touch with the Crain family. A little back I found Linda on Facebook....I love facebook, Well come to find out Linda remarried and now her and her hubby have a wonderful photography company called

Essence of Life Photography

I love Linda so much and I'm so happy that she found something that she is great at and that makes her so happy.

When you talk to Linda about taking photos this is what she has to say
"I love to capture the essence of any given situation, from a family celebrating the union of two people to a candid portrait of a beautiful face." - Linda

Today I was looking at some of her work and I just had to show it to all of my blogging friends

I always love to talk up people and company's from Michigan..... and also when you are trying to find someone to take Sr, Engagement, Wedding, Baby, or Family Picture

You want someone with a eye for detail and vision and I know Linda to be one of the most creative people I know....(come on we have taken trips to NYC to find fabric for dance costumes)

So if you are looking for a great photographer look no more then Essence of Life Photography. You will meet one of the best ladies I know and I know she will treat you like family......

Check out their website at or feel free to give Linda a call at 248-231-2524

Tell her that you saw her on my blog and that Erin sent you.....

Love you Linda

Till Next Time.....

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