Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zoo Trip

Well I have been really slacking on the Blog end of my life.....When I was off of work because of my back surgery I felt like I had a ton to talk about and then I went back to work and I think I got blog block from working so much and running a Youth Group. Well about a week ago we got news that my store is closing till the new one opens so I have the summer off so Lets unblock the blog block and get back to it.....

Well I have been meaning to post this. A few weeks ago I took my youth group to the Detroit Zoo.

I feel so lucky to have a big zoo by us....This one is only about 20 min away from my house and we also have the Toledo Zoo like an hour away. When I was in College in West Palm Beach, Fl I went to school with people that have never been to the zoo because there was not one close to where they lived. That is so crazy to me.

I was really excited because Muff got to go with us. I love watching my teen with him. They just think he is so cute and they love him so much but with a face like his how can you not love him.

When we were at the zoo I wanted a peacock to come close to me and open their feather. That was not working, but we did get close to one. They are such a AWESOME bird, and if you know me I'm not the lover of animals.

We were so lucky to have great weather and just a great time spending it with my kids. Here are some more pictures from our Zoo Trip I hope you enjoy.....

Till Next Time......

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