Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Summer todo List

Happy Wednesday Blog World. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because it is Youth Group Day....

Well with having the next two months off I decided to make a To do List of things I would like to do while I'm off. Last time I was off of work I was having back surgery so running all around the state of Michigan was not in the question.....The only thing that might stop me on some of these is Money....As nice it is to get unemployment is still is not what you make when you are working the real job and being on unemployment or not you still have to pay the bills.

So here I go with my Todo List:

1.Take the kids to the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum

2. Go to the Detroit Institute of Arts

3. Go to the Art Barn

4. Go to picture Rock

5. Go kayaking for the first time....

6. Go to the Cereal Festival in Battle Creek

7. Take the kids to the Children’s Garden Day

8.Ann Arbor Art Fair

9. Take a week to Saugatuck and Holland and see Mike and Laura

10. Go to the Howell Hot air Balloon festival

But most of all Lost WEIGHT and use the gym membership I pay for every month.
I hope that you all have great todo lists for the summer also. Life is to short not to see the great things that the state you live in has in store for you.

Till Next Time........

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Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum said...

Hi - My name is Erin (too!) and I work at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. We noticed this post about the Museum on your blog and we're excited that you want to come here as one of your summer destinations!

We know it's a tough time right now, so we'd love to send you 4 free passes to the Museum to help make your trip possible.

You can email me directly (egong AT aahom DOT org) or call me (734-995-5439, ask for Erin) if you'd like us to send you the passes. I just need an address.

Hope you have a great summer!