Thursday, August 19, 2010


Have I ever told you how much I love JUNK

When we were driving to Saugatuck I saw the most beautiful store. I started yelling STOP STOP STOP turn around we have to go and check this place out. When we pulled in I was in love. everything that I have seen in books and magazines to make cool things out of junk was at this place.

I was taking pic of this place so I could blog about it but the owner did not like that to much so I only got a few.

So when we were there they had a BIG Eiffel tower. I so wanted to buy it so i could put it in my Yard and plant flowers to grow on it. But it was $1,000 :( so that did not happen.

The best part was that I got some great ideas and I know I have to go back some time in my life. Here are some more pictures of what they had.

Junk just makes me so happy

Till Next Time........

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