Thursday, August 12, 2010

Windmill Island Gardens

In Holland Michigan they have the only working windmill in the US. It was given as a gift from the Netherlands and a woman runs the mill. She has to go to Holland to learn how to run the mill. She runs the mill just like you would if you were in the Netherlands.

This is a woman that works the gate to the Island. She looked so cute I had to take a picture

Here is Muff looking at the map to see where we need to go.

At Windmill Island they have so many cool things going on from the windmill, the Antique Dutch Carousel, Wooden Shoes gift shop it is just such a fun place to go. When you are walking to the Windmill you go across a bridge that is a replica of a bridge in the Netherlands. Muff loved running across the bridge.

The really cool thing was that we were able to tour the Windmill. It has 8 floors and it has all the wood and bricks from when it was brought over from the Netherlands. On the bottom floor there is a rope with a shoe on it. When the miller is up in the mill people would put notes or payments in the shoe and send it up to the miller. Also as you go up it gets smaller and smaller we went up to the 6th floor and you could only fit like 5 people in that room, and on the top floor only 1 person can fit.

We even got to see some Dutch dancing. It was so much fun and really cute. I danced for a lot of years and I have to tell you I'm so glad i never had to dance in wood shoes :)

After the dancing and the Windmill tour it was time for some shopping....My favorite thing to do on vacation. The Wood Shoes Shop here we come

In the shop they had some very cute hats. I always have to try on a funny looking hat when I see one so when I found the Dutch girl hat it was on my head so fast. I loved it. It was so cute.

And then I found a Dutch boy hat so you know I had to get Muff to ware that one. I asked him to put one on at first but he would not do it so then I told him I would buy him ice cream and he put it on so I could get a picture of us together

All in all we had a great time on Windmill Island. Its a really great place for you to take your family and when the tulips are out there are thousands of tulips around the Windmill.

Till Next Time......

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