Friday, August 13, 2010

Sunset on Lake Michigan

When you live on the Lake Huron side of Michigan you never get to see the sunset on the water. So when we went on our week trip to Holland, MI I wanted to watch the sunset over Lake Michigan so much.

So I made my mom, dad and Muff get in the car. They did not want to go because it was cloudy. I told then that the clouds are going to move so we better move also. We went to the state park in Holland, MI. When we got there the clouds moved and the colors were out it was beautiful.

At the park they have one of Michigan's famous Light Houses. I have always wanted to see this light house so it made the sunset even better because I did not know it was going to be there.

Just as we walked up to the light house a beautiful big sail boat came across. Its hard to explain the beauty of the boat and the light house but I was so happy I could get some pictures of this to share with you.

They also have a pier. It was really cool, at the beginning of the pier, they have life jackets for kids so they could jump off the end of the pier. Muff loved walking down the pier. There were tunes of BIG rocks and at the end of the pire being able to see the sunset with just water all around you was amazing.

Going to Lake Michigan to see the sunset was such a great way to end the day. We had so much fun watching the sun go down, the light house, going on the pier and taking some family pictures. I love making great memory's like that. Here are some more pictures.

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