Monday, October 25, 2010

What a weekend

SO for a long time now I have been wanting to get into Photography. When I was in high school I took a ton of photography classes and also in college and I have always loved it.  So this weekend was the weekend to start playing around with it.

ONE of the great things about Michigan is that you can take a 4 hour drive and you feel like you are in a different place, I went to and found a fall color tour. We did the tour that goes around the thumb.
I got the boys up early and we headed out on the road. We Took I75 to M25. When we were driving down M25 I saw a barn that I just fell in love with. I pulled the car over and whipped the camera out. Muff what thinking I was crazy but I love the picture that I got from it.

We stopped at a state part that had a great walk out to Lake Heron. I found some great spots to take some Pictures here are my top three favorites.

WHEN we hoped back into the car we started looking for spot #2 Depner Farms Corn Maze. On this is what they say about Depner Farms Corn Maze Depner Farms is Michigan's HOTTEST NEW FALL FAMILY ATTRACTION! Come on down to the farm for more family fun in the country than you can shake a stick at. Corn maze, pumpkins, hay rides, concessions, mini-maze, kids activities and a whole lot more! Open weekends during the Fall season. For details, visit our website at "Yee-Ha!!" Well we drove around looking for it. I had hubby call and find out where they are at and the man told us that due to health that he did not do the corn maze this year but we could stop by to get pumpkins.

WHEN we got there the man greeted us at our car and told us to go and get as many pumpkins as we wanted and there was no cost because it was the end of the season. He also told us to go and walk around the woods and to take our time. We had so much fun finding our 10 pumpkins that we took. I felt so bad that I had to give him some money. The man was so kind and I was able to take some great Pictures there also. Here are my favorites from the farm

THE best part is that the rain did not start until we got the pumpkins into the car....Thank you to the very kind man that owns the farm.

I had so much fun taking the pictures I think I might put some of the pictures on my etsy account...You never know someone might want to buy one.

Till Next Time.....

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