Thursday, December 16, 2010

32 before 32

A few weeks ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs

Megan is her name and she has a 35 before 35 list.

The list is of things you would like to get done before your next birthday. Well my birthday is a little over 4 months away so I'm making my list 32 before 32. I have 32 things i would like to get done before I'm 32

It took me sometime to come up with my list because i wanted things on my list to be things i could really do. there are a few things that are a little costly and a little out there but goals are always good.

Well here is my list and throw the next year and 4 month i will be posting the things that i have done on my list.

I challenge you all to make a list of things that you would like to get done post them in my comments area I would love to read what you would like to get done

32 before 32

1. Go on a hot air balloon ride

2. Become a full time youth pastor

3. write on my blog everyday/and make it cooler

4. Pay off all bills

5. Lose 100 pounds

6. Make up with my mother in law

7. Move out of my mom and dads

8. Go to picture rock with Tom and the Kids

9. Go to New Mexico to see my friend Kim

10. Go to Mount Rushmore with Tom and the kids

11. Go ice fishing

12. Read 5 books

13. Go back to school for youth ministry

14. Get a new awesome camera and take great pictures with it

15. Send my parents on a cruse

16. Go camping

17. Paint 5 painting and try to sell them

18. Get my hair accessories biz up and running

19. Volunteer more

20. Do a community clean up in Ortonville, mi

21. Take a pottery class

22. Take a painting class

23. Join a bowling team with tom

24. Get and learn how to use Photoshop

25. Send friends and family birthday cards

26. Take a mom and Erin weekend

27. Get Aidan and Logan’s scrapbooks up dated

28. Host a craft weekend

29. Go to 3 different art museums

30 make my own Christmas wrapping paper

31. Do a wreck this journal

32. Learn how to sew

Till Next Time......

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