Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cookie Making

The other day I was so lucky to have Alexis (one of my teens) come home with me. She has been going throw a lot with her BF(boyfriend). So I thought we would have some Alexis, Erin time...

Well it ended up that Muff was over for the weekend( I love my muff time) and her little sister Isabelle had to come because her mom would not be home. So I made sure the Wii was working and Muff wanted to make cookies so that is what we did

Hubby and I were cooking dinner and I had the kids make the cookies. At first I was a little scared because the batter was looking like a hot mess, but then I got my hands dirty and started mixing it with my hands. After that it started coming out better. We found a rolling pin and the kids went to town.

After dinner it was decorating time. I think they ate more frosting then they what went on the cookies but the kids were having fun

Hewett even wanted in on the cookie making....Or maybe more in on the cookie eating

The cookies turned out really cute and we had so much fun making them. Alexis and I also got to talk about some stuff . I love that I can be there for her.

I thank God everyday for being called into the ministry. I love being a Youth Pastor. I'm so thankful that I have such a love for teens and that I'm able to bring them home with me and do something as simple as make cookies and play the Wii(thank goodness Alexis came over because she had to show me how to play the Wii)

Till Next Time.....

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