Wednesday, December 29, 2010

P.S. I made This

The other day i drove out to my new store to pick up my pay check. I noticed that the borders by my Ulta was going out of business so i had to stop in.

I have been looking for a cool craft book for a little bit now so i headed over to the craft area.

And there it was P.S.- I made this..... By Erica Domesek

A little info on Erica..... Founder of the innovation DIY brand P.S. I Made a distinguished lifestyle and DIY style expert living and creating in New York City Erica's creations, from fashion accessories and home decor accents to visionary concepts for stylish soirees....

Ok so when i go home I was so excited I had to read the book from cover to cover.

One of the projects that I had to make was the fringe scarf.....When I saw the pics that were in the book I feel in love with the scarf

Ok so here is what you do to get this great scarf.....

  ~ T-Shirt (i got mine at Old Navy for like $3.00 on clearance. I got them in blue/white, pink/white, yellow/white, orange/white....I made one for each one of my cuz)
  ~ Scissors

1. Cut horizontally across the shirt, just below the armholes, to create a rectangular tube

2. Working your way around the tube, make a series of neat, vertical cuts that extend from the hemmed edge up ward. The longer the cut, the longer the fringe will be.

3. upon completion, tug down on each strand to elongate it.

And your done....put it around your neck and you are ready to rock this great fringe scarf....

I rocked one on Christmas mine was orange/white (orange my fav color) here are some pic of me with mine on. I hope you will make one. It will take you less them 30 min to make one. Also check out Erica Domesek and be on the look out for more great things from my very cool book P.S.- I made this.....

If you make one send me pic and comments

Till Next Time.........

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