Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keep that face skin clean/Day 11 photo Challange

Hey Guys so I have to tell you about my new face wash......


This is Bliss's fabulous foaming face wash and its amazing. About 3 weeks after starting at Ulta I wanted to find something to help my skin look better. One of the ladies that works in the skin care area told me about his product. She told me that it is a oil-free, 2-in-1 gel cleanser and exfoliator effectively removes dirt and makeup, gently exfoliates with perfectly soft, round exfoliator beads, calms the skin with soothing botanicals,
good for all skin types!

So I took a cup size for a sample and thought I would give this great product a try.

This is the cup size that I took home it lasted me over 2 weeks and my skin did a 180...It is so soft, even, brighter and the few little zits are pooping up less and less.....

Its a winner. and to top it off it smells great ...

Now for me I only wash my face once a day. My skin is super sensitive and it did not like it when I was washing it at night and in the morning. So I started washing it just at night and I also started using this great Night cream

Clinique's repairwear intensive night cream....I love love love this...I put it on after I wash my face. I do love Bliss moisturizer but the little jar is almost $60.00...Killer on the pocket book

In the morning I use pond's dry skin cream

I have been doing this for about 4 weeks and like I said my skin has changed so much. Good skin care is key to looking young and keeping your skin healthy. Also you always want to wash your face before you go to bed. Keeping your makeup on can clog your pores, bacteria can build up and in the break room at work there is a poster that says you can age your skin by one week for every night you sleep in your makeup....Nasty

So tell me what you love to wash your face with....

Also Day eleven: a photo of a night you loved.

This is my cousin Amy...We are like sister more then Cousin...last November My dad and I went down to Savannah, GA and one of the night we went to Savannah was a really fun night

Till Next Time....

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