Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Urban Decay

Well with the start of a new me I wanted to show you some new things that is out from Urban Decay...

Now if you know me you know that I'm a Urban Junkie (that's what everyone at work calls me) I love Urban Decay....They had me at Naked Pallet hehehe....I wanted to show you the new things that they launched yesterday. I'm super excited to get them in my store so I can play with them :)

Here they are...

Perversion ( super black)

Woodstock (pink I have the eye it)

Demolition (dark brown with no glitter)

Now some of you may have the colors from other sets but this is the first time that they are in the larger size


 I have one and it covers so good....One of the best concealers out there. The best part is that it stays all day



Do I have to say more....

Now like I told you I'm big time Urban fan I have a lot of Urban I would like to show you some of my must have Urban Decay...But first I know you what to know how I'm doing on the pink method....Well yesterday I was a little bad I had KFC for dinner...Hey I was hungry but today I did so good and I feel good about my self. We went out to dinner and even ordered off the 560 calorie menu and it was really good....Size 8 here I come...

Now back to Urban Decay....
Here is all of my Urban Decay...Not as much as some and much more then others hehe

Here are some of my favorite must have Urban Decay items :)

Book of Shadows

Naked Pallet and Naked 2..This is a Must

Lip Crayon and lip gloss (not the lip stick the taste is so nasty)

De silk this is great for anyone with Oliy skin

tinted moisturizer and the 24/7 concealer

cream blush it has such great color and it stays on

eye shadow primer..A MUST your makeup will stay on all day


eyebrow you can see I love mine :)

Any of the lip or eye liners...Fab...they stay on I love them :)   

So tell me what your Favorite Urban Decay is I would love to know...And if you have never used Urban Decay get off your Butt and go to Ulta and pick some of it up...You will Thank Me :)

Till next Time...

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