Friday, June 15, 2012

attention target shoppers

Hi everybody The other day I was at Target......
I feel like when you walk into Target its like walking into the twilight zone lol
No matter what you are going to walk out spending $50.00 or more....

I went there to get work jeans for the hubby I walked out with

As you can tell there is a lot more then just 2 pairs of work jeans....

The other day I was watching Youtube(always looking for new makeup tips) and I came across this thing called the $20.00 challenge....So I thought I would try it.
The rules are that everything you use on your face in total has to be no more then $20.00....
Holy crap that was hard but I did it...I will tell you more about that soon

Then still looking in makeup(bad Erin) I saw this kit by Sonia Kashuk its a Limited Edition "Escape To Paradise" Face Palette
I'm such a sucker for any pallets that look like summer lol

I also found the smokey eye kit from Physicians Formula and some sally Hanson stick on nails all on clearance

Can I just say for the $20.00 that the Sonia Kashuk kit worth the money it is amazing. I did do a look with it and I will post it soon with my review.

Just wanted to show you my shopping trip at target one of my fav stores....Love you Target :)

Till Next Time....Happy Target shopping 

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