Friday, November 9, 2012

Meijer Mounted Photos Review

Hey guys,
    Well I had the opportunity to be apart of the Meijer Mounted Photo campaigned with bzzagent.
To start off if you don't have a Meijer's by you I'm very sad for you.....I think its like a 24 hour up scaled wal-mart. Its one of my fav stores and when I was in college and needed a place to go Meijer and I had lots of time together.
Well anyways in there photo area they now have one hour mounted photo's....If you know me I love taking picters I have picters all over so when I got asked todo this campaign I just had to...
Today I went to Meijer the woman working in the photo area was very nice. She asked if I needed help I told her I was there to make a mounted photo. I got the photo off of my facebook
This is one of my Favorite picters of my cute little family....
So after I picked the photo that I wanted to be mounted, my family and I went to get dinner. I came back about 45 min later and it was done. :)
When the woman showed it to me I was surprised how nice it looked. I thought it was going to look super grainy because I got the photo off of facebook but it was not that bad.
It comes on a wood looking mount
(this is the back)
and its about 1 inch thick
 The really nice thing is that you can hang it or it can stand up on a table. It has a bar that you screw in to make it stand up
 (standing up)
(hanging on the wall)
The cost of this is pretty low. The one that I have is a 5x7 and its about $9.00. You can also get it in a 8x10 and 11x14. I'm not sure of the price.
I think this is a great gift idea. It was very easy to make and it was not a bad price.
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Till Next time.....xoxoxo happy family times 

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