Saturday, June 12, 2010

If I lived on a farm and had a rooster, today would be the day that I was up before it. The alarm went off at 4:00am after going to bed at 12:00am and I was thinking what in the world am I doing up so early.......

Then I remembered The Battle Creek Cereal Festival(one of the things on my today list, cross that one off) So I got up made the coffee and got ready...Got muff up and dressed and we jumped in the car for a long 2 1/2 hour drive.

Battle Creek Michigan is the home of Post and Kellogg's so every year they do a Cereal Festival. They call it the Longest Breakfast table in the world

They line tables down the main street of down town Battle Creek over 150 tables and you get all you can eat Kellogg's cereal, pop tarts, banana's, and Juice.

Muff ate 4 bowls, 3 banana's and 2 pop tarts.....I asked him if he had eaten this week and he told me " I did I'm just a hungry boy" after we were done eating we went to check everything out. They had a lot of clinics for different sports and a lot of vender's but the really cool place was the reptile table.

We got the hold a alligator....Yes it was a baby but it was still cool. Muff was a little unsure at first but then he was so excited(as you can see)

After walking around and checking everything out GUESS WHAT Muff wanted to eat again

This time we had to sit on the side of the road because all of the tables were full. After he was done eating for the 2nd time we went to the playground. Muff really wanted to go so I gave in. It was so crazy with kids and parents all over....We were not there long but he did have a good time Monkeying around

And Meeting some cool people....

After the playground Muff wanted to see the reptiles again...I was so glad he did because this time the snack was out. Now you have to understand in the wild of the real world I Hate snacks but at a festival were they are tame and someone brought them I think they are super cool. I was really excited when they said we could hold it. Muff wanted nothing to do with that but I was all about it and here is the proof

All in all we had a nice time. I don't know if I would go again because there was not a ton to do and what they had to do the line was so long to do anything. But Muff had a good time and he thought it was cool that he got to eat as much cereal as he wanted.

Till Next Time.....

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