Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pool Time

Have you ever been on a field trip with 50 little 1st graders to the pool....

I WAS ON MONDAY Muff had a field trip to Brandon High Schools pool.

Muff was up at 5:30am that morning so excited to go to school so he could go swimming. After I told him 100 times that it was not time for school, I let him play a game on the computer so I could get like 10 more min of sleep.

This was the first field trip I was on this year so I was really excited to go. I got to see muffs class and meet his teacher. When we got to the High School the kids were so cute lined up on the wall waiting for their turn to swim in the pool

Here is muff with some of his friends from school....He is so cute

The Lifeguard came over and told them the rules and then all 50 kids had to ask a question, then time to swim

Have you ever seen the move Titanic well that is what it looks like with 50 kids jumping into the pool and fighting over the noodles and life jackets.... It was really funny

They also had a water basketball thing and Muff did a slam dunk and hung on the hoop it was really cute....

All in all it was a lot of fun helping with the field trip and Muff had so much fun

Till Next Time......

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