Sunday, September 5, 2010

{Spectacular Fashion on Sunday}

So with being a plus size girl and working at a high trend fashion store I always get asked about my cloths and where I get them. So I thought that on Sundays I would take a pic of what I look like and tell you where I got everything.

I have to tell you I have always loved Fashion. I love things from the 30s, 40s, Boho, and cardigans. I can not live without a cardigan. Hubby calls them my old lady sweaters but I'm ok with that.

I hope this helps all you plus size girls know that just because you are not a 4 you can look cute...

Sorry the pic is not great I will work on it..

Top- Cato
Cardigan- Target
Jeans- Forever21 (from their faith21 line)
Shoes- Keds
Ring- craft show
Necklaces- Forever21
Flower in my hair- My etsy shop

Here are some close ups of my accessories

My Ring



Till Next Time......

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