Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer Makeup Must haves!!!!!!

So summer is coming or is here depending on were you live. I live in Michigan where it is only Summer about 3 months out of the year. So when it comes its time to change up your makeup

Right now if you go to Ulta or Sephora you can find some great kits. most are made for summer lots of shimmer, copper, gold, bronzers and I was thinking what are some of my favorites for this summer so here it is my list of make up must haves

Erin Marie's Summer Makeup List

Urban Decay build your own pallet, The Lorac Tantalizer kit,Napoleon pedis waterproof mascara, Stila self adjusting bronze, Hervana blush by benefit, eye shadow primer in greed by Urban Decay, NYX blemish control blotting paper, bright coral or orange lip stick

Primer Primer Primer......When its hot out side don't forget your primer. I love smashbox face primer it keeps everything in place. For your eyes you know I love Urban Decays eye primer but I'm in love with the greed one. It has this great gold color

 I could talk all day about the Urban Decay build your own pallet. This one is mine and I'm going to talk more about this AMAZING kit soon but the reason why this is great for summer is because you can get your 6 favorite summer colors and it will go any were with you :) more on this later
in the summer I tend not to ware a foundation because I get a little more color from the sun (yes yes sunscreen is a must) so instead of foundation i ware bronzer....I love love this new brozer I picked up by Stilla its self adjusting so it fits all skin tone...I love it right now because I'm so white and some bronzers will make you look orange but this one looks so natural...Its amazing I got mine at Ulta
Here is one of the great kits I'm talking about the Lorac Wild for TANtalizer kit. It comes with a set of 4 shadows great rich colors, brozer with lots of shimmer I have been using it on my cheeks because its a little to dark for me right now, a lip gloss and a makeup bag that this will all fit in..All that for only $39.00 this is a great one for summer..again I picked it all up at Ulta
A great waterproof Mascara...If you have brothers or a Husband like mine you just never know when your going to get thrown into the water and can I just tell you Raccoon eyes are not HOTTTT. Now I'm not a big lover of waterproof mascara but in the summer its a must. I love this one from Napoleon and Urban Decay has one that is to die for
The hot colors this summer for your lips is coral or orange....I'm so excited about that because I have always been a bright lip color girl and now people don't give me a funny look when i walk into a room with bright bright orange or coral lips. One of my favorite colors right now is this one from Make up Forever #37 rouge artist intense I picked this one up at Sephora
Now my last must have are blotting paper. In the summer you tend to have more oil. I love these one by NYX. 1. they work 2. they are cheep 3. they help with brake outs. come on who does not need help with brake outs. got this one at Ulta also

That is my list of Summer must haves. I would love to hear what your summer makeup must haves are.

want to know more about something shown comment below...

Till Next time....Happy summer days and nights xoxoxo

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